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Size : 16.13 M| Version : 4.3.6787| Downloads : 914
Date : 2017-07-10 13:47:24| Developers : YeeCall Network Limited
Summary :
YeeCall is a convenient and practical tool for multi person calls, video, messaging, simultaneous, free, Multi Country conference calls, or chatting online with friends and family. The call tone is clear and transparent, and even when the 2G/Edge or netwo ....   View More >>>
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YeeCall, is the best online team, a good helper for war games, as long as you can easily call a teammate on the line. No lag, not dropped, even Daguai, boss fierce fighting, teammates shouted still clear, is absolutely the best choice of communication tools online game.
YeeCall is the best app for traveling with you or traveling for free. The use of group call function, immediately locate the location of the partner rendezvous, contact fast, convenient and efficient, not only not afraid of getting lost, but also save international roaming telephone charges!
YeeCall, you can set your own ID number, easy to exchange business cards, no longer face the goddess refused to give you mobile phone number dilemma!
"Beauty video"
A "beauty", give you a flawless skin
* an exclusive "multi face detection and capture" technique that does not allow you to see every dynamic expression in your video.
* anti acne acne annoying wrinkles, fine lines and erase.
* whitening spots, not make-up can also look good.
One key "face lift", with palm sized small face
* the first dynamic facial micro adjustment "technology, keep track of your face, perfect modified oval.
* facial modification of nature, facial features more exquisite three-dimensional.
"Crowd talk."
Voice / video call that supports simultaneous 20 person online. Bestie, Magee, and friends, sisters, no matter in which corner of the earth, can be together to talk on the phone, the team to play online games, international telephone call. Whenever and wherever people chat, they can communicate with each other as if they were in a room!
"Clarity of sound quality"
Voice transmission is not distorted, exclusive background noise reduction technology, restore your purest voice; complete the network testing of hundreds of telecom operators around the world, you can dial any corner of the earth!
"Sharing photos, graffiti."
You can always take pictures or share photos while you are on the phone, so as to synchronize your views. Hand drawn, painted and painted on the phone screen, instantly visible, makes communication simple and fun!
There are many interesting functions, so try with your friends as soon as possible!
* we are looking for R & D Engineer. If you have software development experience, you are welcome to send us a letter or send your resume to * * *
You are welcome to take care of our latest developments in the following ways! If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and look forward to your valuable comments:
- Facebook:
- YeeCall ID:YeeCallCare
YeeCall is a free download application that relies on a network environment. The carrier may charge your network data costs. Please select the appropriate data rates or use it in a WiFi environment.

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