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Naver Papago Translate

Naver Papago Translate

Size : 5.76 M| Version : 0.9.15| Downloads : 128
Date : 2017-07-31 09:27:11| Developers : NAVER Corp.
Summary :
Official version of Papago released Come and join your translating partner, Papago! Whenever you need translations during your travel, business trip and studying, just bring Papago with you, a smart parrot who can translate 6 languages ....   View More >>>
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  • Naver Papago Translate
  • Naver Papago Translate
  • Naver Papago Translate
  • Naver Papago Translate
  • Naver Papago Translate
  • Naver Papago Translate


▶ What does ‘Papago’ mean?
In Esperanto, Papago refers to parrot, a bird who has language abilities.
6 languages are supported in Papago: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and French.

▶ Main features
1) Text Translation
Real-time translation on phrases
2) Voice Translation
Real-time translation in voice
3) Conversation Translation
Simultaneous speaking in each other’s language when talking one-on-one with a foreigner
4) Image Translation
When it’s hard to type in texts, just take a picture of it and highlight with your finger for real-time translation
5) Dictionary
Dictionary information provided for you to check more meanings
6) Phrasebook
Basic expressions available without the need of network connection

▶ Special features
1) WSD (Word Sense Disambiguation)
Car? Tea? Ambiguous words are provided with images that represent the word for more accurate results.
2) Real-time currency information
Real-time exchange rate information provided for currencies like 3000 JPY
3) Favorites and #Tags
You can save frequently used translations in Favorites and list them by hashtags

Be confident anytime, anywhere with your translating partner, Papago!

※ Available for Android 4.2 and up only.
※ Available on PC and mobile.
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