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MAX Security

MAX Security

Size : 5.21 M| Version : 1.1.0| Downloads : 132
Date : 2017-09-18 09:48:56| Developers : ONE App Ltd.
Summary :
MAX Security, the advanced and free Android mobile phone virus processing software, you can use virus monitoring, application locks, mobile phone sharp and mobile phone cleaning function, so that your mobile phone status is optimal ....   View More >>>
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  • MAX Security
  • MAX Security
  • MAX Security
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  • MAX Security


Safe, fast, efficient, and other nouns fit perfectly with Max Security. Make full use of MAX Security!
Advanced functions
This virus monitoring - Safety & efficiency
Protect your equipment from malware, Trojan viruses, etc.. The size of the virus as a monitoring tool, MAX Security can automatically download the application of cable water or malicious files. One click virus scanning is very effective.
The application of comprehensive protection of privacy - lock.
Preventing unauthorized people from opening applications and fully protecting privacy information. Application locks can lock you up with privacy applications, Whats, App, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Email, Message, Gallery, Contact...... Without passwords, no one can use them.
B - flow monitoring to prevent the flow of ultra
Flow monitoring function, you can accurately analyze the flow of your daily use, and ensure that it does not allow its use. When your traffic is timed out, it will remind you of how to effectively protect your traffic by reminding you.
This mobile phone mobile phone acceleration and it would be a lot faster than before
Using a one click acceleration on your home screen can speed your phone up by at least 50%! And take a few seconds, you can release a lot of memory, and kill the program running in the background
This garbage - release more storage space
Garbage removal can be done by removing unwanted files from the system and some memory enabled applications, which are estimated to occupy at least 1GB of the storage space of your phone
* super power & charging protection - prolong the service time of your battery
When your battery is low, it will remind you that it can be extended for about 50 minutes. When you charge, it will automatically clean up the power consumption of the background, to prevent the phone overheating or charging too full.

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