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Date : 2017-09-23 09:31:20| Developers : Zhihu Inc.
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Know almost, Chinese Internet's largest knowledge platform ....   View More >>>
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We have a serious, professional, friendly community atmosphere, focusing hot events, discussion topics depth, perspective sharp, lively and interesting.
Friends of Scouting can know almost the first time in the participation of many fresh topic of discussion, interaction with the Friends of Scouting areas of expertise, access to quality information.

[Know almost 5.0, share knowledge with you to explore new boundaries]

Know almost covers a variety of scenes of life, help you interpret a variety of problems in life.
Experience in the workplace: The interviewer asks, "What are your weaknesses are," How should answer?
Attitude to life: how to overcome the serious procrastination?
Personal development: keep running what will life change?
Common sense science: 22:00 - 6:00 sleep really better than 2:00 - 10:00 healthier you?

[Mysterious function, soon to open]

Know almost concerned, the new "Home", "hot", "discovered" and mysterious feature, is about to open, found the larger world with you.

[Daily new knowledge, free to listen]

Know almost "knowledge market", the Friends of Scouting excellent high-frequency trading engineer, a criminal defense lawyer, automotive engineers, documentary photographer, game designers, speech therapists and psychologists, counselors and other professionals to share their experiences with you.

"Daily Awakening", featured community Q & A, articles, sharing, etc., can be converted to listen to audio easily take you listen to know almost free premium content.

In the "know almost Live" with a host of voice and graphics, around the theme of sharing content through lectures carefully prepared. You can direct questions and get answers, give you a new experience real-time voice interactive quiz.

In the "know almost bookstore" weekly free, new book special. You can find almost produced by a known high-quality e-books know almost bookstore, you can find an electronic version of the book from the many outstanding publishers.

[Original video playback speed]

You can play friends know know almost sharing the video, you can also answer the article, upload your own video. To create, share and express more convenient and efficient to use video.

If you have any questions or suggestions you use, can "feedback Help Center" in the "More" page turn "Shake" feature to quickly evoke feedback mode Shake to send a message. Or email, engineers know almost not miss any one feedback yo ~

In almost know, find more fun.

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