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Size : 44.12 MB| Version : 6.5.10| Downloads : 9203
Date : 2017-09-12 11:39:42| Developers : Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd.
Summary :
WeChat allows the remotest corners of the globe's people together. Easy, free! The world has 4.6 hundred million WeChat users on WiFi or 3G send free SMS, call HD phone and video calls, send photos and video news. You can also through WeChat Out at low ra ....   View More >>>
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WeChat, more than three hundred million people use mobile phone social networking applications.
WeChat is a mobile phone software, supported by the mobile phone network to send voice messages, video, pictures and text, video chat, can also according to the location to find people in the vicinity, and share their lives through the circle of friends, friends of mobile communication brings new experience. Support iOS, Android, Symbian, WP and other mobile phone platform.
The main function of the product
- send video, voice, text, picture.
Video voice calls.
A single, more people talk.
- photos record life, share music, news, goods and other things interesting to a friend.
Transparent background animation expression, Emoji, custom emoticons.
You can have a beautiful album, recorded in the album will live.
Through a shake shake mobile phone mobile phone found also in friends.
- see people in the vicinity, through the current location.
Throw bottles - anonymous friend.
When your QQ is offline, WeChat help you receive QQ messages, but also can reply.
- the new mail QQ mail received for the first time sent to your mobile phone, and can directly browse the content of the message.
Interaction between various types of mobile phone to send and receive messages.
- consume network traffic, cross operator, China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom or allow other operators and WiFi access mode.
- power, flow, 30M flow can send and receive thousands of voice messages.
Open platform
Allows third party application access WeChat, shared content to WeChat friends, and share to my circle of friends. Please see the
The official account
Allow enterprises, stars, celebrities, media and other three party official account access, provide WeChat certification. To the user sending a message on the official account of the.

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