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Size : 42.49 M| Version : 8.5.7| Downloads : 6778
Date : 2017-09-11 13:25:36| Developers : PinGuo Inc.
Summary :
Many countries and regions won the title of best application for Google market in 2016 More than 500 million users in the world are using, "Crazy" by netizens praise "conscience" application" Every day and so on, the domestic multi file popular variety ....   View More >>>
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  • Camera360
  • Camera360
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  • Camera360


Let the world see I = = = = = =
New features, dynamic stickers, feature filters make photography more fun!
You can share your emotions with your camera, your story, and talk to the world through camera!
And the global 500 million users take part in the photo challenge, our journey is the star sea, our happiness will pass to the whole world!
Here you can also do a global web red! Featured video, featured topics, recommended users, are reserved for you.
You will find imperceptibly - "let the world see me" is a cool thing!
= = = = = = features
[motion stickers]
A variety of interesting dynamic stickers, intelligent face recognition, to help you stick a quasi face, press the camera button can also record a short video, took the challenge, a key sharing circle of friends, micro-blog, together with the global customers!
[quality filter]
Over 200 Classic filters, so that you promote photography, and more comics, the sky, visual portraits and other exclusive filters you play!
Refuse mediocrity! Give your photos some magic, a stunning visual circle of friends, one click!
[self] beauty
Farewell to the exaggerated skin grinding false face, let your self through the skin showed a net like nude make-up! The exclusive rosy filter gives you a good second color! There is a key to beauty, three-dimensional plastic Yan, touch screen, shooting night self, let you how to shoot the United States and the United States!
[super photo editor]
Mosaic, increase, aperture, cropping, rotation, lighting and other more than 10 professional adjustment function, easy get new skills B.
Don't doubt your potential. Don't understand PS, it doesn't matter! Just move your fingers and white will change.
= = = = = = we call
WeChat official account: search for "xiangji360" in WeChat public number"
Micro-blog official account: @Camera360
If you have any suggestions and feedback, please send an email to:
User fans QQ group: 364952799, technical GG cute, waiting to answer your doubts.

User Reviews:
smcorreas|2017-02-04 20:00:20
these app broke muy phone. i dont use the main cam and dont make any foto
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