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Date : 2017-09-09 18:52:48| Developers : Moovit
Summary :
Moovit in a app, including all the public transport - buses (SBS, SMRT, etc.), the subway (MRT), light rail (LRT), tram, cable car, ferry and so on. In Singapore, the bus routes include shuttle buses, high quality buses, campus buses (NTU, campus, bus, et ....   View More >>>
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Bus travel route diversion, the station may encounter the position, due to holidays do not stop at the station, Moovit will remind you to adjust route information, avoid you encounter this situation, help you save travel time.
The main function of
Have a line tracking and reminder: real-time tracking off route, know exactly how long, how long is the car to walk, there are a few stations arrive, and in the station to remind you to get off.
Have a bus arrival time query: real-time arrival time SMRT, Tower view SBS, Transit, Go-Ahead Singapore and other operating bus routes (next bus); real time train arrival time also supports MRT route.
Have a line search: enter the starting point and end point, provide the most suitable travel route for you. You can also set up your own means of travel, departure time, arrival time, whether to change, whether to walk, and other search options.
Have global coverage: Moovit supports more than 1400 global city. While traveling, you can also travel by bus like a native.
I have a collection of commonly used: can bus or subway station line, when needed, a key to obtain the related information.
Travel tips: to tell you have a bus route diversion, mobile station location or vehicle delays and other emergency situations
Have a Singapore MRT/LRT roadmap: you can download to mobile phone, convenient to check (Singapore MRT Map)
Moovit supports all major bus and Metro enterprises in Singapore, Hongkong, Taiwan and China's first tier cities:
SBS, SMRT, Tower, Transit, Go-Ahead, Singapore (Singapore)
MRT, KMB, nine bar, CTB Citybus, NWFB new bar (Hongkong)
Taipei MRT and grand Taipei United bus (Taipei)
Shentong Metro, bus group, Pudong bus, Songjiang bus, Minhang passenger transport, etc. (Shanghai)
Beijing subway, the MTR, Beijing public transport group (Beijing)
Shenzhen subway, bus West, east bus group, Shenzhen bus group (Shenzhen)
Guangzhou metro, Guangzhou bus group, Guangzhou BRT, Guangzhou tram, water bus (Guangzhou)

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