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Barcode Scanner1

Barcode Scanner1

Size : 305KB| Version : 1.0.3| Downloads : 383
Date : 2017-09-08 16:25:30| Developers : appstore
Summary :
Ken mobile phone system app, two-dimensional code scanner ....   View More >>>
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  • Barcode Scanner1
  • Barcode Scanner1


Is a mobile phone to sweep the two-dimensional code and bar code scan code decoding software, by calling the mobile phone camera, the software will scan the bar code identification corresponding commodity information and the two-dimensional code information. Whether it is text, SMS, URL, Email, WiFi, phone, name card, can easily sweep, sweep, fast and accurate. Turn your mobile phone into a multifunctional bar code scanner a professional, is an absolute necessity of an application!
Flash to open or close the slow response of the BUG, sometimes BUG;
Android 5, the conflict flash and the scanning system of BUG camera.

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