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Size : 52.44 M| Version :| Downloads : 688
Date : 2017-07-07 10:27:09| Developers : Meitu
Summary :
The world's most popular picture processing software, produced by mito! Star big coffee photo, repair the magic weapon of the map, Android mobile phone installed essential! Open Meitu Xiu Xiu, fun, self promotion Yan value, a big star is your self! ....   View More >>>
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[] # retouching artifact off photos # general mobilization
• filter: texture filter, whether it is with friends, self timer, take pictures, can make ordinary photos, seconds change movie feeling, the whole world is your studio!
• stickers: want to make self timer sprouting interesting? Come on, try all kinds of small emotions, talk, small stickers, and star co - operation restrictions Oh!
Mosaic: mosaic can only block the background? Not really! The new Meitu Xiu Xiu color mosaic, whenever and wherever possible play through, the code is an art! (* `*)
• magic pen: want to add atmosphere to the photo? Choosing the right method is important! Will it snow, than the little girl, seventy-two magic pen Ma Liang, the master quickly took me!
Still worried, how to become a network of red hat? (- Omega - ') more text, frame, pen and other functions to make your photos hi turn social network!
[camera] # adorable girl amazing magic wand #
Adorable - picture camera, self sector intelligent beauty and magic, a second beautiful adorable little fairy! The blink of an eye, mouth touches surprise dynamic effect, you are cute little princess fairy kingdom. A a.
Cute, adorable, all kinds of cool dynamic stickers, with dynamic music, your beauty 360 hassle, play video self, you are a winner, actress!
[exclusive] # goddess of beauty beauty beauty magic #
- a key beauty: portable self magic wand, bling~ automatic beauty, Yan value every day online!
- dermabrasion whitening: grinding skin whitening + pink, bright light muscle, the goddess drop good color see every day ~
Freckle, acne: a touch of acne, freckle, perfect skin visible, but also to watermark Oh ~!
- dark circles: erase tired, bid farewell to the panda eyes, girl's eyes will discharge ~ Amy atchoo!
• face lift: finger push, want to lean, where thin where?! The secret of weight loss crash, you get?
- increased: gently slipped, a second with slender legs, good figure, shoot out! (^_ -) *
• eye enlargement: the small secret that enlarges the eye in an instant; the little fairy who has heard it will know it!
• magic dazzling: a touch of eyelashes, eyeliner, beautiful pupil, so that you are more confident before the camera, oh, oh! ().))
- features: delicate facial features, remodeling easily have photogenic face, the mirror immediately told you, you Yan lou!
The new exclusive beauty goddess of magic, let you each photo is the protagonist, former boyfriend go to regret ~ ('' at '')
[self] # hand-painted mysterious oriental power #
Meitu Xiu Xiu photo black technology, instant self change style! Ultra dream hand-painted self timer, crooked nuts are impressed by the eastern forces! Actress Oscar also use oh!
• sweep the world of hand-painted self timer, to move the hearts of thousands of girls, let your beauty come from the painting, the value of color breakthrough wall (* omega)
[small meat # circle small fresh # camera camera]
Take pictures with your camera and make life a little more ritual! Small fresh Meitu Xiu Xiu camera, select 50+ texture real-time camera filters! Called the camera industry small meat, is to use the lens to spoil you!

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